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Alpine Bucks
*B Willow Run Abraham Tsavo (1 Leg)
A1226050 Broken Cou Clair 4-18-2002
Waiilatpu WRAT Cherish
Waiilatpu WRAT Suzette
S: +*B Willow Run Armand Abraham AI
SS: ++*B Willow Run LA Armand
SD: GCH Willow Run Agnes of God 5*M

D: SG Willabelle-Acres FJE Jaguar 2*M
2000 Res. National Champion and Res. Best Udder
DS: *B Willabelle-Acres Prosp Felix
DD: Willabelle-Acres RMB Jessica *M

2003 LA 1-03 FS VG 87 (VEV)
2004 LA 2-03 FS E 90 (EEE)

The 2006 Top Ten Production list is out and a Tsavo daughter, Willow Run Tsavo Abbie has milked as a 3-00 305 4,300 pounds of milk, 138 pounds of fat, and 126 pounds of protein. She ranked 3rd in both milk production and fat and 1st in protein. Are you looking for milk?

Tsavo is a beautiful, growth buck that we are extremely happy to have brought back from the Spotlight Sale. He is extremely long and tall with a smooth front end. He has a level topline. He scored 50 in stature on linear appraisal at 2 years old. He has excellent width between the hocks. He has a wonderful "win you" personality.

His paternal grandmother, Agnes of God has placed extremely well at 4 National Shows. She was 2nd with 1st udder as a yearling, 1st with 2nd udder as a 2 year old, 1st with 1st udder as a 3 year old and 5th place in the 5 and 6 year old class.

His paternal grandfather is the sire of the 4 time National Champion with 2 times Best Udder, Rishona.

His maternal sisters, Jakarta placed 4th with 2nd udder as a 3 year old at the 97 Nationals and Josephina placed 1st with 2nd udder at the 2004 Nationals.

This young buck's pedigree is full of nationally competitive animals. Tsavo is doing what we felt he should do for improvements in our herd. He is adding size, sharpening the front ends and complimenting the udders.

His daughter Cherish was 2nd/3rd udder at the 2005 Nationals in the yearling milking class. His dry stock were 7th Junior kid, 2nd, 8th Intermediate kid at the 2005 Nationals. In 2006, Tsavo Senior Get of Sire was 1st place at the District VII Alpine Specialty. The 2 year olds we are freshening in 2007 are stunning to put it mildly. They were definitely worth the wait! Tsavo has proven himself in our herd. He has thrown a very high percentage of does that are show quality. This is the proof for me of a GREAT buck.

We took 3 Senior Dry Yearlings to the Nationals in 2007. Suzette placed 4th and Bymyside placed 5th in a tough Senior Dry Yearling class. The 3 dry yearlings went on to place 3rd Junior Get of Sire. We freshened 6 Tsavo 2 year olds in 2008. All 6 of them turned out to be show quality. We kept 3 of them and the other 3 are in show homes in the Northwest.

We lost Tsavo in the summer of 2006 to multiple wasp stings. He has left a very empty hole not only in our breeding program but in our hearts!

Semen: $50.00 a straw
Limited Quantities Available

*B Willow Run Caesar Redemption
A1242590 Two-Tone Chamoise 3-14-2002
Dam; GCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M
Dam: GCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M

S: +*B Willow Run Caesar
SS: ++*B Kara Kahl Awesome
SD: GCH Maple Glen's PM Carrie 6*M

D: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M
4 Times National Champion
DS: ++*B Willow Run LA Armand
DD: Hidenvaley Acres Richelle *M

2007 Linear Appraisal FS 5-04 VG 89 (VVV)

We are very pleased to add Redemption to our line up of bucks here at Waiilatpu. He reminds us quite a bit of our buck, Classic Example, who goes back to Carrie lines and has crossed extremely well with our animals.

He is a tall, sharp, level buck with a wonderful disposition.

We long admired his dam, Rishona. She was absolutely breathtaking to look at in the ring. She has been National Champion in 2000 with Best Udder, 2002 with Best Udder, 2003 with Reserve Best Udder and National Champion in 2004.

Redemption is a full brother to Raisa the 2001 Reserve National Champion and is littermate brother to Revenge who was 1st/1st udder out of 82 head and Reserve Best Udder at the 2006 Nationals.

He is putting on beautiful mammary systems. They are extremely high and wide in the rear with long fore udders. We couldn't be any happier with his fresh daughters.

His daughter, Abby was 3rd/1st udder and his daughter, Amen was 9th in the yearling milker class at the 2005 Nationals.

In 2007, his daughter Amen placed first in her class and his daughter Saige was first five times and RGCH two times. Amen placed 6th, Abby placed 10th and Saige placed 19th at the Nationals this year.

Semen: $50.00 a straw

*B Waiilatpu HR Kaiser
AA1260472 Sungau with tan points 3-3-2003
GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra  10*M
Dam; GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M

CH Waiilatpu WHRK Carmelita Daughter...Carmelita
S: +*B Hoach's Revolution
SS: ++*B Willow-Run LA Armand
SD: CH The Hoachs Rose Reflection

D: GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M
DS: ++*B Hoach's SRS Goliath
DD: SGCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M

We felt Kaiser would be a wonderful addition to our buck line up and a perfect replacement for Revolution. I can't say enough good about Revolution and what we are seeing in our herd. The Revolution daughters are tall, long, dairy, feminine, open in ribbing, level with wonderful mammary systems.

Kaiser is littermate to Kerrick who is working in Nestor Acres herd.

His dam, Kassandra was a wonderful show and brood doe for us.

Our Kaiser daughter is absolutely awesome! She is stylish, level and sharp with wonderful width throughout. Her mammary system is stunning! It is high and wide in the rear. Her fore extension is snug and long. Her teat placement is lovely. Carmelita linear appraised as a first freshening two year old 88 VVEE. Carmelita received all three milking legs in 2008 and went BDIS at her last show.

*B Waiilatpu WK Redeemed
AA1305352 Broken Cou Clair 3-4-2004
GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra  10*M
Dam; GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M

S: *B Willow Run Caesar Redemption
SS: +*B Willow Run Caesar
SD: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona
4 Times National Champion

D: GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M
DS: ++*B Hoach's SRS Goliath
DD: SGCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M

Redeemed is a lovely dispositioned buck. He is just like his dam line in disposition. He has a smooth, sharp front end. He is dairy and level.

His littermate sister, Amen is a favorite in our herd and reminds us quite a lot of Revenge. She placed 9th in a very competitive yearling milker class at the 2005 Nationals. She placed 6th at this year's National Show.

*B Brandt's CFS Set The Style
AA1354194 Chamoise 5-21-2005
GCH Brandt's Lil Summer  2*M
Dam..GCH Brandt's Lil Summer 2*M
Photo courtesy Brandt's/Hoach's Alpines
Daughter...Selebrate Daughter...Selebrate
Photo courtesy Brandt's/Hoach's Alpines
S: *B Clovertop's Fire Starter
SS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Wildfire
SD: GCH Clovertop's Gene Sashay

D: GCH Brandt's Lil Summer 2*M
DS: Hoach's HD Aristocrat
DD: GCH Brandt's A Lil Sammy *M

Thank you to Leslie Schaeffer and Randy Hoach for this wonderful young buck. He has a lot of beautiful relatives in their herd. Style was used very heavily in 2005 in the Brandts/Hoachs herd.

Set The Style's dam, Summer easily finished her championship in 2005 with multiple BIS awards.

Style's paternal sister's topped their classes in 2006 in tough California competition.

His kids are long, level with a wonderful smoothness about them. You know which ones they are by their appearance. They are all very consistent. He is throwing chamoisee, chamoisee, chamoise. We are extremely pleased with them!

Willow Run Wonder Casino
A1354336 Chamoise 5-26-2005
Willow Run Achieve Cassandra  8*M Dam..Willow Run Achieve Cassandra 8*M
2004 National Reserve Best Udder
Waiilatpu WC Cotton Daughter...Waiilatpu WC Cotton
Junior Grand Champion
Waiilatpu WC Candy Daughter...Waiilatpu WC Candy
Reserve Junior Champion

Photos of Cotton and Candy courtesy of Xtraordindairy
Goldenbrooke Riki Tiki Tavi Daughter..Riki
Photo courtesy of Helen Snyder and Ed Cavanagh
S: *B Willow Run Abraham Wonder
SS: +*B Willow Run Armand Abraham
SD: GCH Willow Run Rico Phenomenon 7*M

D: Willow Run Achieve Cassandra 8*M
DS: ++*B Willow Run Rico Achievement
DD: SG Maple Glen Classic's Chelois 7*M

We are very excited about this beautiful buck. He fits right in with the lines we are working with here at Waiilatpu. We will be using him very heavy this fall. We are anxious to use him on some of our Tsavo daughters, as well as, other does in the herd.

His dam, Cassandra was 3rd place 4 year old with 1st udder. She was also named National Reserve Best Udder.

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