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Alpine Reference
+*B Hoachs Revolution
A1115224 Cou Blanc 5-8-1998
GCH Waiilatpu HR Naomi  *M
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Daughter; GCH Waiilatpu HR Naomi *M

SG Waiilatpu HR Seraphia 5*M  Leg 1
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Daughter; SG Waiilatpu HR Seraphia 5*M Leg 1
S: ++*B Willow-Run LA Armand
Sire of 4 time National Ch. Rishona
SS: ++*B Hoachs Lyric Landmark A-I
SD: GCH Maple-Glen Classic's Angela *M

D: CH The Hoachs Rose Reflection
DS: ++*B Hoachs NW Zeanna Genesis A-I
DD: GCH Crystal Creeks Irish Rose 5*M

2000 Linear Appraisal FS 2-01 + 80 (AEV)
2003 Linear Appraisal FS 5-02 E 90 (EEE)

We think he looks just like his gorgeous dam CH The Hoachs Rose Reflection! Reflection was the 1st place yearling milker at the 1992 National show. She was Alpines International All-American yearling and All-American two year old. According to Randy, her breeder, Reflection had one of the most impressive udder that he had ever bred or seen! She combined an extremely high, wide rear udder attachment, with a long smoothly blended and very widely attached fore udder. Her teats were nearly ideal. All her daughters have been beautiful. In addition, GCH Hoach's Zeanna 9*M FS91(EEEE), was one of our all time favorites.

Revolution's sire, *B Willow Run LA Armand is out of the beautiful two time National Champion GCH Maple-Glen Classic's Angela *M.

Our milking daughters from him are very dairy and have fancy udders. Naomi and Seraphia both placed 6th in their respective age groups at the 2005 National show.

Semen: $30 per straw

+*B Hoachs Lyric Luke
A1138436 Cou Clair 2-18-1999
Hoachs Lyric Luke S: ++*B Hoach's Reflection Reflex
SS: ++*B Willow-Run LA Armand
SD: CH The Hoachs Rose Reflection

D: GCH Hoachs SRS Lyric
DS: ++*B Sand-Dance HLS Rico Suave'
DD: GCH Hoachs QAAG Goldenlark 3*M

2000 L A FS 1-05 + 83 (+EV)

Luke is without a doubt the " best of the best" of the Hoachs bloodlines! Luke combines the R and L lines very nicely providing us with a wonderful combination of genes! Luke is very tall and sharp. He is very smooth, has a long neck and flat bone. He has excellent feet and legs!

He is siring some very tall kids with smoothness of blending. Our Luke daughters are very tall, dairy and have tremendous style. We are excited to see them mature.

Luke's dam CH Hoach's SRS Lyric is an exciting doe that is a 4th generation Champion. She won her class at the 1994 National Show the same year that her dam, Goldenlark, won the National Championship! Lyric is a tall doe that stands on outstanding feet and legs. She has a broad flat rump that is very wide from side to side. Lyric has an absolutely lovely mammary system. It has a large area of attachment, with an extremely long flowing fore udder, high rear udder and ideal teats and medial.

The real strength of this line is the ability to reproduce themselves.

Semen: $30 per straw

*B Waiilatpu Cowboy Montana Bound
AA1180067 Broken Sundgau 4-18-1999
*GCH Waiilatpu Newbold Meadowlark  10*M
GCH Waiilatpu Newbold Meadowlark 10*M

S: +*B SG Waiilatpu Jim Cowboy
SS: ++B SG Goodwoods James
SD: GCH J-M Swan Acres Broken Promises 8*M

D: GCH Waiilatpu Newbold Meadowlark 10*M
2nd/1st udder 1995 Nationals
DS: ++*B Waiilatpu Yreka Newbold
DD: Waiilatpu Jubilee Azalea 9*M

2003 Linear Appraisal FS 4-03 VG 88 (VEE)

Montana was used by our friend Toni Turner in 2000. Her milking yearlings have gone 1,2,3 this year as well as 2nd Senior Get of Sire. One of the yearlings was also Reserve Champion. One of these yearlings is now a permanent champion.

Montana's dam Meadowlark was quite a show doe. She placed 2nd with 1st udder at the 1995 National Show. She also was 4th with 2nd udder at the 1998 Nationals and 4th in 1999.

Semen: $15 per straw

*B Waiilatpu WNG Killian
AA1248240 Red Chamoise 3-7-2002
GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra  10*M
Dam; GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M

S: *B Waiilatpu Newbold Gabe
SS: ++*B Waiilatpu Yreka Newbold
SD: Waiilatpu WRAL Gaby 3*M

D: GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M
(92 EEEE) 1st/1st udder 1999 Nationals
DS: ++*B Hoach's SRS Goliath
DD: SGCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M

2003 L A FS 1-04 VG 86 (VVV)

He is a beautiful red chamoise with black points. We are glad to have him due to the untimely death of his sire Gabe. He is a tall, long bodied and sharp front ended buck.

His dam Kassandra was an outstanding show and brood doe for us. She placed 1st/1st udder at the 1999 Nationals and 2nd/2nd udder at the 2002 Nationals.

*B Sweet Dreams Snapdragon
AA1258867 Cou Blanc 3-31-2003
Sweet Dreams Snapdragon S: +B GCH Clovertop's Snapple
SS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Wildfire
SD: Clovertop's Sorbet

D: GCH Sweet Dreams Encore Masquerade
Littermate to Sweet Dreams Encore Mosaic
DS: ++*B Hoach's Encore Performance
DD: GCH Sweet Dreams R. Romance *M

Snapdragon is tall, extremely long bodied with a very wide rump and sharp front end. He has a near ideal rear leg set. He is a full brother to GCH Sweet Dreams S Natalie 3*M, 2002 1st place 2 year old/1st udder and Reserve Best Udder. He is a littermate sister to Sweet Dreams, 2003 Spotlight Sale doeling, Sachet.

Snapdragon is siring size, length of body, sharp front ends and good width in his kids. They are smooth and correct. We are anxious to freshen some of them in 2007.

++B SG Goodwoods James
A0749816 Chamoise 3-27-1988
GCH Waiilatpu Jim Tapestry  7*M
Daughter; GCH Waiilatpu Jim Tapestry 7*M
S: ++*B New Era's Cappacino
SS: ++B Lyn-D-K Hiatt
SD: New Era's Caprice

D: CH Goodwoods Ranchman's Jamieson
1st place 3 year old at the 1989 Nationals
DS: ++*B Nixon's Ranchman
DD: Lyn-D-K Bruiser's Vanessa

1993 HES FS EX 91.65 DC 93 BC 95 GA 90
Code 1 head and front end. Code 1+ rump.

Daughters average DHIR 2,419 2.8% fat 2.7% protein
Daughters average LA 36 appraisals, 25 daughters in 20 herds FS 85.7

James has done well in improving general appearance, breed character, udder shape, teat placement, fore extension and rear udder width. His five second freshening 2 year olds in our herd in 1993 all HES'ed excellent. At the 1995 Nationals his daughter Tapestry was 1st place 2 year old with 3rd udder. She was also named Reserve All-American. His daughter Casey was 5th place 4 year old with 2nd place udder. His daughter Eclair has topped the 2 year old class in 1996, and in 1998 at the District VII Specialty Show she was GCH, BOB, and BUOB.

James is the grandsire of Amethyst, 1999 Best Alpine Udder at the Nationals.

James will continue on in our herd through A-I.

Semen: $20 per straw
Limited Quantities

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