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Alpine Reference
++*B Waiilatpu Yreka Newbold
AA767012 Belted Chamoise 3-3-1989
GCH Waiilatpu Newbold Meadowlark  10*M
GCH Waiilatpu Newbold Meadowlark 10*M

S: GCH ++*B Sodium Oaks Yreka
SS: ++*B Sodium Oaks Xspurt
SD: GCH Sodium Oaks PS Titmouse 4*M

D: SG Sweet Dreams Xena 6*M
DS: ++*B SG Shahena'ko Crown Royal
DD: GCH Sweet Dreams SOS Wahoo 5*M

1993 HES FS EX 90.8 DC 92 BC 95 GA 89
Code 1 head, front end, back and rump

Daughters average DHIR 2,704 3.4% fat 2.9% protein
Daughters average LA 22 appraisals, 14 daughters, 5 herds FS 86.8

Newbold was very dairy. He improves general appearance, strength of udder attachments, especially height and width of rear udder. He is the sire of at least 7 GCH daughters and several others with one or two milking legs.

His daughter Meadowlark placed 2nd with 1st udder and All American 2 and 3 year old and Reserve All American 3-5 year old, Estar placed 4th with 3rd udder and Princess placed 10th in a tough 3 year old class at the 1995 Nationals. Newbold's Senior Get of Sire placed 2nd at the 1995 Nationals. His daughter Princess won GCH, BOB and BDIS at the 1995 Spokane Interstate Fair.

In the first three shows of 1996 his daughter Duchess finished her championship along with his daughter Meadowlark who won 2 legs and was BDIS twice.

In 1997, Meadowlark was 3 X GCH, 3 X BOB, 1 X RGCH and 3 X BUOB.

In 1998, at the Nationals his daughters Estar (4th, 2nd udder), Meadowlark (6th, 2nd udder), Princess (13th) and No Angel (11th). His Sr. Get of Sire also placed 4th.

In 1999, Estar (4th), Meadowlark (4th), and No Angel (9th) at the Nationals.

In 2000, Safina his yearling milking daughter was 5 X 1st and 1 X GCH. She also place 5th at the 2003 National Show.

Newbold was named on the Elite Sire Summary for 2006.

++*B Waiilatpu Yreka Apache (2 Legs)
AA767015 Chamoise 3-3-1989
GCH Waiilatpu Blue Heather  10*M Daughter; GCH Waiilatpu Blue Heather 10*M S: GCH ++*B Sodium Oaks Yreka
SS: ++*B Sodium Oaks Xspurt
SD: GCH Sodium Oaks PS Titmouse 4*M

D: Waiilatpu Jubilee Lady Liberty *M
2 legs
DS: GCH +*B Waiilatpu Reuben's Jubilee
DD: Waiilatpu Hawks Wallula

1993 HES FS EX 90.9 DC 92 BC 92 GA 90
Code 1 head, front end and rump.

Daughters average DHIR 2,353 2.9% fat 2.7% protein
Daughters average LA 3 appraisals, 3 daughters, 3 herds FS 84.7

He was a large, buck with excellent body capacity.

Apache consistently improves general appearance. His forte is level toplines, smooth blending with very good feet and legs.

His daughters have udders that are consistently smooth in the fore attachment. Apache's daughters Cheyenne placed 3rd 4 year old, Heather placed 15th 3 year old and Susan placed 20th place 3 year old at the 1995 Nationals. His Senior Get of Sire placed 3rd at the 1995 Nationals.

Semen: $15 per straw

++*B Hoach's SRS Goliath
AA0904943 Chamoise 3-13-1993
GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra  10*M Daughter; GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M
S: ++*B Sand-Dance HLS Rico Suave
SS: ++*B Hoachs QAAG LaSabre
SD: GCH Crystal Creeks Robin 5*M

D: Hoachs QAAG Goldensong 2*M
DS: ++*B Qu'Appelle Alchemist Goldsmith
DD: GCH L. Reed's Farm Barbie Doll *M

Daughters average DHIR 2,475 3.1% fat 2.9% protein
Daughters average LA 21 appraisals, 15 daughters, 4 herds FS 85

His dam Goldensong is a littermate sister to the outstanding udder buck Goldengenes owned by Ray Vieira. Goliath is similar in color and structure to Goldengenes. Song is a well proven doe who has lovely daughters. She also milks with barn records of 17 pounds daily. Her rear udder is faultless in height and width. Her fore is long and smooth. Goliath's paternal sister, Lyric was 1st place 2 year old at the 1994 Nationals in Lincoln.

His daughters placed 6th, 12th, and 20th at the 1995 Nationals.

Goliath's Get of Sire was very impressive in 1996. They topped the yearling class wherever we showed them and usually were 1-2-3 in their class, as well as, first place Get of Sire.

In 1998 his daughter Kassandra was 6 X 1st, 2 X 2nd, 3 X GCH, 3 X BOB, 1 X RCH, 1 X BUOB, and 1 X BDIS and 8th place at Nationals. His other daughter Elisa was 2 X 1st and 4th place at Nationals. His Sr. Get of Sire placed 2nd at the 1998 Nationals.

At the 1999 Nationals Goliath's daughters were 17th place 2 year old, 21st place 3 year old, 1st with 1st udder, 2nd with 3rd udder and 10th place 4 year olds and 10th place 5 year old along with 2nd place Senior Get of Sire.

Semen: $30 per straw

+*B SG Waiilatpu Jim Cowboy (2 Legs)
AA0843400 Broken Chamoise 4-4-91
GCH Waiilatu Cowboy Spanky  3*M
Click for larger image (pop-up)

Daughter; GCH Waiilatpu Cowboy Spanky 3*M

S: ++B Goodwoods James
SS: ++*B New Era's Cappacino
SD: CH Goodwoods Ranchman's Jamieson
1st place 3 year old at the 1989 Nationals

D: GCH J-M Swan Acres Broken Promises 8*M
DS: ++*B Sodium Oaks Sasin
DD: GCH J-M Swan Acres Summer's Promise 7*M

1993 HES FS EX 89.75 DC 91 BC 90 GA 89
Code 1 breed character, head, front end and rump.

1999 L A FS 8-03 E 91 (EEE)

Daughters average DHIR 3,066 3.1% fat 2.7% protein
Daughters average LA 15 appraisals, 10 daughters, 7 herds FS 86.2

Cowboy has matured very nicely into a large, smooth, long bodied buck with an outstanding Alpine head. He went 1 X GCH and 1 X RGCH at the Deer Park show in 1995. In 1996 he was 1 X RGCH. In 1999 he was 3 X 1st and 2 X GCH.

His littermate sister Casey is a GCH and his other full sister is the 1993 Spotlight Sale doe and a GCH.

We have used Cowboy sparingly as he is heavily related to our herd. The fresh daughters we have seen out of Cowboy are nice. He passes on excellent general appearance, high tight udders with smooth fores and wide rears with plenty of capacity. Cowboy's daughter GCH Spanky was 5 X 1st, 5 X RGCH and 1 X BUOB in 1996. 1n 1998 she was 3 X 1st, 3 X GCH, 3 X BOB, 1 X BDIS, and 1 X BUOB. His other daughter Amethyst was 10th place in a tough 2 year old class as a first freshener. She was 1st with 1st udder at the 1999 Nationals and was named Best Alpine Udder at the Nationals. Cowboy daughters are fantastic milkers easily going over 3,000 lbs as 2nd fresheners!

+*B SG Waiilatpu HLS Tanner A-I
AA0996997 Chamoise 3-30-1995
+B Goodwoods James
Dam; GCH Waiilatpu Jim Tapestry 7*M

S: GCH++*B Hoachs QAAG LaSabre
SS: ++*B Qu'Appelle Alchemist Goldsmith
SD: GCH Hoachs Lacey 2*M

D: GCH Waiilatpu Jim Tapestry 7*M
1st/3rd udder 1995 Nationals
DS: ++B Goodwoods James
DD: Redwood Hills Rainman Silkay 6*M

1999 Linear Appraisal FS 4-04 VG 88 (VEE)
2000 Linear Appraisal FS 5-04 VG 87 (VVE)

Daughters average DHIR 2,828 2.9% fat 2.7% protein
Daughter average LA 23 appraisals, 12 daughters, 7 herds FS 86.1

Tanner is long, tall and level with an excellent Alpine head. Tanner's offspring are tall with exceptional length of neck and body with sharp front ends. Tanner is an udder buck. He is improving length of fore udder and height to the rear udder. He is also siring milkability in his daughters with his two year olds easily milking over 3,000 pounds.

His dam Tapestry was our 1st place 2 year old with third udder at the 1995 Nationals and Reserve All American.

+*B SG Waiilatpu Classic Example A-I
AA1071151 Belted Chamoise 3-8-1996
Waiilatpu Classic Example A-I S: ++*B Maple-Glen Classic's Clare
SS: GCH ++*B Abundance Danish Classic
SD: GCH Maple Glen PM'S Carrie 6*M

D: Waiilatpu HL Indian Maiden 5*M
DS: ++*B Hoach's QAAG LaSabre
DD: Waiilatpu Apache Cheyenne 4*M

1999 Linear Appraisal FS 3-04 VG 86 (+VV)

Daughters average LA 10 appraisals, 5 daughters, 3 herds FS 86.7

Classic Example is siring wonderful mammary systems with excellent extension of fore udder. His daughters are smoothly blended and stylish with exceptional front ends. He is related to many in our herd so has had limited use. He has two champion daughters in a very limited amount of offspring.

Classic Example's son Sampson sired the #6 Milk, #7 Fat, #9 Protein Top Ten in Volume 50 and the #1 Milk, #5 Fat, #1 and #10 in Protein for Top Ten Volume 51 of the American Dairy Goat Association records.

If you are looking to increase milk production, then this is the buck to use.

Semen: $25 per straw

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