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Alpine Reference
GCH ++*B Willow Run Armand Lothario
AA1066766 Chamoise 2-28-1997
GCH +*B Willow Run Armand Lothario
S: ++*B Willow Run LA Armand
SS: ++*B Hoach's Lyric Landmark
SD: GCH Maple Glen Classic's Angela 1*M
1996 and 1997 ADGA National Champion

D: Willow Run Larisa 6*M
DS: ++*B GCH Abundance Danish Classic
DD: GCH Goose Crossing Acclaim Lana 5*M

1999 Linear Appraisal FS 2-05 VG 87 (VEV)
2000 Linear Appraisal FS 3-05 VG 88 (VEV)

Daughters average DHIR 2,651 3.4% fat 2.9% protein
Daughters average LA 36 appraisals, 22 daughters, 10 herds FS 85.1

Lothario is very long and tall with excellent bone. His granddam Angela was 2 times National Champion. His other granddam Lana is the dam of the 1999 National Champion, Goose Crossing Real Love. Lana was 18 X GCH or BOB and 8 X BDIS.

He is siring long bodied does that are tall and stylish. They have excellent height and width of rear udders. He tends to sire more bone and stronger pasterns. He improves size and strength of teat. His daughters teats do not swell with edema when they are first fresheners coming into their milk. One daughter Sabrina has 2 GCH legs as a 2 year old.

Semen: $30 per straw

+*B SG Waiilatpu SRC Cheery-O A-I
AA1112949 Sundgau 3-28-1998
GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra  10*M
Dam; GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M

S: ++*B Sugar-Ridge Cheers
SS: ++*B Serendipity's Bruiser
SD: Serendipity's Stripe 5*M

D: GCH Waiilatpu HG Kassandra 10*M
DS: ++*B Hoach's SRS Goliath
DD: SGCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M

1999 Linear Appraisal FS 1-04 VG 87 (VVV)
2000 Linear Appraisal FS 2-04 + 84 (+EE)

Daughters average LA 16 appraisals, 9 daughters, 8 herds FS 86.2

He is a very growthy correct young buck. His dam Kassandra was the 1st place, 1st udder 4 year old at the 1999 Nationals. His sire was the 1993 Spotlight Sale buck, who is also the sire of Willow Run Agnes of God who topped her class at 3 National shows, as well as, GCH Willow Run Cheers Tavie 9*M and GCH Willow Run Cheers Fayme 2*M.

His Spotlight Sale daughter, Waiilatpu WC Cassidy topped the sale for Alpine doelings and has earned her championship. Another Cheery-O daughter Sandy has finished her championship as a second freshening three year old. Her udder is near ideal in fore extension, teat placement and rear udder height. He has another daughter with 1 milking leg as a yearling owned by Kylie Piver. He has had limited use due to many related does in the herd.

His littermater brother, Waiilatpu SC Kujo has sired some very nice offspring in the Brandt's/Hoach's herd.

*B Sweet Dreams Encore Mosaic
AA1115887 Cou Clair 2-28-1999
*B Sweet Dreams Encore Mosaic S: +*B Hoachs Encore Performance
SS: ++*B Shahena'ko Command Performance
SD: GCH L. Reeds Farm Barbie Doll *M

D: GCH Sweet Dreams R. Romance *M
DS: ++B Chateau Deville's Renaissance
DD: Rocking M Tapestry

2000 Linear Appraisal FS 1-05 VG 86 (+EE)

Daughters average LA 7 appraisals, 5 daughters, 4 herds FS 85.2

This line has crossed very well with the lovely Sweet Dreams does, so we are very excited to see what Mosaic can do for our herd! He is a very dairy, smoothly blended and sharp.

He has sired some very stylish kids, two of them have there dry legs and are owned by Kaylie Piver and Dar Glasgow. His daughter Serenity has been BDIS and is a GCH.

We have admired the dam of Mosaic, GCH Sweet Dreams R. Romance, for a long time. According to Sweet Dreams, Romance at nearly 12 years of age seems ageless. She comes close to their ideal of elegance and grace. She also exhibits strength and substance. She has a beautifully attached udder both fore and rear. We have noted what her sons have done in other herds, so we decided after we saw who the sire of Mosaic was to buy a buck from this breeding. Romance was the 1st place yearling milker at the 1989 Nationals and has made a name for herself as a valuable brood doe! Mosaic's sire is the proven, Hoach's Encore Performance, and in our opinion one of the finest bucks Randy ever bred. In one word to describe him, according to Randy, he is "reliable" and once was one of the most sought after Alpine bucks in the breed. Mosaic's littermate Masquerade was 1st produce at the 2002 nationals in Colorado.

Kickapoo Valley No Respect
A1329936 Cou Blanc 4-1-2004
CH Kickapoo Valley Jim Nameworthy
Click for larger image (pop-up)
Dam; CH Kickapoo Valley Jim Nameworthy
Photo courtesy Kickapoo Valley Dairy Goats

S: Kickapoo Valley Nostalgia
SS: +*B Hoach's Lyric Liason
SD: GCH Kickapoo Valley Gambit Chime

D: CH Kickapoo Valley Jim Nameworthy
DS: ++B SG Goodwoods James
DD: Kickapoo Valley False Keynote

We have long admired Kickapoo animals and especially Nameworthy. Her pedigree ties back into our lines. Nameworthy was 2nd place yearling milker in 2001 and 1st place 3 year old in 2003 Nationals. She has been 5 times BIS in 2004. Kickapoo writes "Nameworthy's mammary system is one of the finest we have ever bred or ever seen".

Nostalgia has been doing a very nice job in the Kickapoo herd. He has 2 daughters in the herd, Kickapoo Valley No Publicity and Kickapoo Valley No Romance. Publicity finished her championship in 2004 and No Romance linear appraised 89 VEVE as a 2 year old.

No Respect is tall, long, smoothly blended buck that is very dairy. We will be freshening his first daughter's this Spring.

Waiilatpu WRAT Cooper
AA1378720 Belted Cou Clair 3-7-2005
Waiilatpu WRAT Cherish
Full sister..Cherish
S: *B Willow Run Abraham Tsavo
SS: +*B Willow Run Armand Abraham
SD: SG Willabelle-Acres FJE Jaguar 2*M

D: SG Waiilatpu Gabe's Cherabim
DS: *B Waiilatpu Newbold Gabe
DD: SGCH Waiilatpu Newbolds No Angel 3*M

Cooper is a full brother to our lovely Cherish. Cherish was 2nd place 3rd udder milker at the 2005 Nationals. He has a full brother in Montana that is doing super things for his owner. The kids from this buck all have at least one milking leg and some of the milkers have two milking legs.

He is sharp front ended, level with excellent bone and smoothness of blending.

We are expecting great things from this young buck. I really like what this young buck has thrown.

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