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Toggenburg Bucks
Waiilatpu Mr. Truman AI
AT1398705 Medium Brown with correct white markings 3-29-2006
CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine Click for larger image (pop-up)

Dam; CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine
S: Little Creek CHWT Truman
SS: ++*B Cottage Hill Whitaker's Titan
SD: CH Little Creek DDCC Savannah

S: CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine
1st/3rd udder 2002 Nationals
DS: SGCH ++*B Sun-Kissed RazzDDW Whinchezter
2001 and 2004 Premier Sire
DD: GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice *M
1999 Reserve National Champion/Reserve Udder

I really like what I see in this buck. He is tall, long bodied, deep and smoothly blended. He has wonderful rear leg angulation and stands on excellent feet and legs. He has a beautiful head. He is showing me a lot of promise. His littermate sister, Jaida was shown in the Senior Yearling class at Nationals placing 4th. She linear appraised young stock overall EC (EC EC EC).

The first 3 kids out of him are doelings. They have beautiful heads and small ears. They are sharp front ended, wide and board level. They are showing me great promise as they grow. We will be using him again this fall.

I absolutely love his dry yearling daughters. They are like peas in a pod they are so similar in type. I can't wait for them to freshen.

His daughter, Waiilatpu MT Touch of Faith was shown 9 times as a yearling milker this year going 6 times 1st and 3 times 2nd.

Waiilatpu WF Tennyson (SOLD)
T1398507 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-30-2006
T V WRS Trinket
Click for larger image (pop-up)

Dam; T V WRS Trinket

S: Cottage Creek Whintin Forbes
SS: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
SD: CH Whisper n Pines WNPF Frenzy

D: TV WRS Trinket
6th place yearling milker 2005 Nationals
DS: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
DD: TV PSC Tootsie Roll 13*M

Tennyson is a full brother to Treasure who linear appraised as a yearling 88 VEVE. I just dearly love the style of Treasure and decided I could use Tennyson in our breeding program.

He is long, tall, level with a sharp front end and excellent bone. He has excellent width and depth of body.

His kids are long, sharp front ended, smooth bodied with lovely heads. We are very pleased with them. We will use him again this fall.

I just love the Janine daughters out of Tennyson. They look just like the Mr. Truman daughters being tall does with outstanding general appearance. I just love their smoothness of blending overall.

Waiilatpu TA Finnegan AI (SOLD)
AT1398708 Medium brown with correct white markings 4-10-2006
Cottage Creek Sting Frito  *M Click for larger image (pop-up)

Dam; Cottage Creek Sting Frito *M
S: *B Cherry Glen Tristin Andrew
Full brother to the 2005/2006 National Champion
SS: +B GCH Little Creek LCTT Tristin
SD: GCH Krystal Kreek Wrevenge Amelia *M

D: Cottage Creek Sting Frito *M
DS: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
DD: CH Whisper n Pines WNPF Frenzy

Finn comes from an impeccable line of milky, dairy and excellent uddered does. He is sired by the full brother to the 2005 and 2006 National Champion. We expect him to be an outstanding contribution to the breed.

His kids are lovely, dairy, sharp front ended, level kids. I really like their looks. We will use him again this fall.

Finnegan's daughter, Waiilatpu WF Justine was 17th place yearling milker at the 2008 Nationals after moving twice since the fall of 2007. I think that is pretty good!

We have 2 Finnegan daughters out of Jaclyn (91 EEEE) that we will freshen in 2009. They are both bred to Serengeti. We look forward to seeing them freshen.

Waiilatpu RMM Serengeti
AT1431667 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-10-2007
CH Waiilatpu SKRW Shanelle
Click for larger image (pop-up)

S: *B Rowe's Snowbuck Macho Man
SS: +B GCH Little Creek LCWT Snowbuck
SD: GCH Rowe's Landmark Marigold 8*M
LA 3-00 92 EEEE

D: CH Waiilatpu SKRW Shanelle
DS: SGCH ++*B Sun-Kissed RazzDDW Whinchezter
DD: Waiilatpu JD Suki 2*M

Serengeti will make a wonderful replacement for Macho Man. He is out of a consistent dam line that has shown extremely well at the National Show level. He is a beautiful long bodied, sharp front ended and level buck even in rut. He has a beautiful Toggenburg head. His littermate brother linear appraised this year as a yearling 90 EEV. Serengeti is every bit as nice. We have a lovely daughter out of him and our "J" line. She is tall, sharp and dairy.

Waiilatpu CCF Solitaire
T1463478 Medium brown with correct white markings 4-16-2008
Waiilatpu WRS Sapphire
Dam; Waiilatpu WRS Sapphire

S: Cottage Creek Whintin Forbes
SS: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
SD: CH Whisper n Pines WNPF Frenzy

D: Waiilatpu WRS Sapphire
DS: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
DD: Whisper n Pines Whintin Silver

Solitaire is an extremely large buckling for his age. He is taking after his sire Forbes. This buckling is long, tall and sharp front ended with high withers. He is dairy and has that smoothness of blending. His littermate sister is Kathy's favorite Toggenburg doeling.

Fir Meadow Peg Yoseph
T1438906 Medium brown with correct white markings; wattles 4-02-2008
Fir Meadow Peg Yoseph

S: *B White Hawk Fabio's Pegasus
SS: *B CH White Hawk Ranger's Fabio
SD: SGCH White Hawk DJ's Feisty 7*M

D: GCH Blossom Breeze WNPJ Faith *M
DS: ++*B Whisper'n'Pines MDKP Jaguar
DD: Whisper n Pines SBJE Felicity

Yoseph is a smoothly blended structurally correct buckling. I just love his full sister GCH Fir Meadow Peg Virtue 2*M. In 2007, as a first freshening two year old she was 7 X GCH/BOB, 3 X RGCH, 3 X BDIS and 3 X BUIS. In 2008, she has another BDIS win to her credit as well as 2 X BOB. She also linear appraised as a 3 year old 91 EEEE. We look forward to Yoseph's kids.

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