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Toggenburg Reference
*B SG Western-Acres WAZD Cisco
AT1074259 Medium Brown DOB: 2-14-1998
Waiilatpu WAC Jayne  3*M Click for larger image (pop-up)

Daughter; Waiilatpu WAC Jayne

Waiilatpu WC Jaclyn  Leg 1
Click for larger image (pop-up)

Daughter; Waiilatpu WC Jaclyn--Leg 1
S: +*B Western-Acres Zephyr CFD Duke
SS: GCH ++*B Sun-Kissed Razz's Regal Zephyr
(1998 Premier Sire)
SD: GCH C/F Salute Delphi 4*M

D: SGCH C/F Zephyr Spicy Cinnamon 4*M
(LA 6-01 EX 91 VEEE)
DS: GCH ++*B Sun-Kissed Razz's Regal Zephyr
(1998 Premier Sire)
DD: GCH PTL-Acres CFH Spice 3*M
(LA 4-03 EX 90 VEEE)

1999 LA 1-05 FS VG 85 (VV+)
2000 LA 2-05 FS + 83 (+V+)
2003 LA 5-06 FS 86 (+EV)

Cisco is long, tall with a very sharp front end. He is extremely level with excellent feet and legs. Cisco's dam was 3rd place 5 year old at the 1998 Nationals and has been 6 X BIS, 8 X BOB, 7 X GCH, 9 X RGCH, 10 X JCH, 5 X RJCH and 41 X 1st.

We are extremely happy with Cisco's daughters Jayne and Jaclyn. Jayne linear appraised 5-04 FS 91 EEVE and Jaclyn appraised 3-05 FS 91 EEEE.

Cisco was on the Elite Sire Summary for 2006.

Semen: 5/$75

*B Willow Run ZZ Sting
T1190938 Medium Brown with correct white markings 1-31-2001
GCH Willow Run Titan Starlet  2*M
Click for larger image (pop-up)

Dam; GCH Willow Run Titan Starlet 2*M

S: *B Sunshine Zish Zling
SS: ++*B Sunshine Chastity Chartres
SD: SGCH Sunshine Advantage Zish

D: GCH Willow Run Titan Starlet 2*M
1998/2001/2004 1st place at Nationals
DS: ++*B Cottage Hill Whitakers Titan
DD: Tansy Hill Climax Starlet *M

2003 LA 2-06 E 90 EEE

Sting's dam, Starlet has place 1st at three National Shows. She was 1st place yearling, 4 year old and most recently 7 year old and over.

Sting sired the 1st place Junior doe, 10th place Intermediate kid, 11th place Senior kid, and the 5th place, 17th and 19th place yearling milkers at the 2003 National Show.

In 2005, Sting sired the 6th and 7th place yearling milkers and the 6th place 3 year old milker. The Sting daughters that we have all excel in general appearance. He is adding a high, wide rear udder with a long extension to the fore udder like his dam Starlet.

Sting is a stunning buck with excellent general appearance. He is long, tall, level, smooth bodied with excellent feet and legs.

*B Waiilatpu SKRW Japheth
AT1242551 Medium brown with correct white markings DOB: 3-6-2002
CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine--full sister to Japheth
Click for larger image (pop-up)

Full sister; Waiilatpu SKRW Janine

S: SGCH ++*B Sun-Kissed RazzDDW Whinchezter
2001 and 2004 Premier Sire
SS: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
SD: SGCH Sun-Kissed Madam Razz 3*M
1992 and 1993 National Champion

D: GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice *M
1999 Res. Nat. Champion/Res. Best Udder
DS: +B Pasha PSJ Sir Charles
DD: Whisper n Pines FM Jenasee

2003 LA 1-05 FS VG 88 (VVE)

Japheth is extremely large for his age. He has a wonderful front end and is board level over the topline with excellent rear leg set and angulation. He has the sweetest personality on top of the fact he is a full brother to Janine. His kids remind me very much of the way Janine looked as a baby.

Japheth's daughter, Latisha is lovely. She has a beautiful high, wide rear udder with plumb teats and good extension to the fore. The Janice son's throw plumb teats which I absolutely love.

Japheth is in Idaho with Trish of Huricane PM. He linear appraised at 6 years old 91 EEE.

Welbian Farms SB Snowladd
AT1369146 Medium brown with correct white markings 4-15-2005
Welbian Farms SB Snowladd
Click for larger image (pop-up)

S: Welbian Farms Whins Badger
SS: SGCH ++*B Sun-Kissed RazzDDW Whinchezter
2001 and 2004 Premier Sire
SD: SGCH Welbian Farms Whin's Madison
2004 National Champion/Best Udder LA 93 EEEE

D: CH Little Creek Sage Snowbird
1st place 2 year old 2002 Nationals
DS: Little Creek LCCB Sugarbear
DD: GCH Little Creek WFHS Sage *M
2000/2001 National Champion LA 6-03 92 EEEE

Here is a picture of Snowladd in his working clothes. He is a sharp front ended buck. He is smoothly blended and stands on excellent feet and legs.

We are quite excited to get this buck. His pedigree is full of nationally competitive animals. We like the daughters we have out of Snowladd and look forward to freshening them as two year olds.

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