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Toggenburg Does

Waiilatpu WAC Jayne 3*M
AT1219301 Medium Brown with correct white markings 4-21-2001
Waiilatpu WAC Jayne  3*M Click for larger image (pop-up)

S: *B SG Western Acres WAZD Cisco
SS: +*B Western Acres Zephyr CFD Duke
SD: SGCH C/F Zephyr Spicy Cinnamon 4*M

D: Waiilatpu MDKP Jamboree 2*M
DS: GCH ++B Mount Douglas Key Principle
DD: GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice *M
1999 Res. National Champion/Res. Udder

1-00 198 990 29 2.9% 28 2.8%
1-11 215 1750 54 3.1% 47 2.7%
2-10 215 1950 65 3.3% 52 2.6%

2003 Linear Appraisal 2-03 FS E 90 (EEVE)
2006 Linear Appraisal 5-04 FS E 91 (EEVE)

Jayne is another Toggenburg beauty from our Janice line! She LA Ex 91 EEVE in 2006 at 5 years of age. She LA Ex 90 as a 2 year old! She was shown at the 2005 nationals and placed 7th. She is more of the long, tall and sharp type that we so admire. She has always had very pretty kids and most of them have sold over the years, so hopefully we will keep one doeling for ourselves this year. Her bucks have done very well for other herds and if she has any they would be for sale as well as a 2nd doeling.

She was shown once in 2002 at the National Show placing 10th out of 33 in the milking yearling class.

Her littermate brother, Jonathon was best buck in show in both rings in California in 2000!

In 2003, Jayne was 1 X 2nd, 1 X 3rd behind Janine and 13th place 2 year old at the 2003 National Show.

Jayne's 2004 daughter, Justwaitandsee placed 4th Intermediate kid after traveling 2,700 miles.

Jayne's yearling daughter Joy is my kind of doe. She is tall, sharp and level with an udder that is attached everywhere. She just gets prettier every day. We will be breeding Jayne to Serengeti. This will be a repeat of similar lines to Joy.

Jayne is bred to Waiilatpu RMM Serengeti. She is due in February.

CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine
AT1219297 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-31-2001
CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine
Click for larger image (pop-up)

S: SGCH ++*B Sun-Kissed RazzDDW Whinchezter
2001/2004 Premier Sire
SS: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
SD: SGCH Sun-Kissed Madam Razz 2*M
92 and 93 National Champion

D: GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice
1999 Res. National Champion/Res. Udder
DS: +B Pasha PSJ Sir Charles
DD: Whisper n Pines FM Jenasee
1-00 281 1350 44 3.3% 37 2.7%
2-00 196 1220 36 3.0% 30 2.5%

2003 Linear Appraisal 2-04 FS E 90 (EVEE)
2004 Linear Appraisal 3-04 FS E 91 (EEEE)
2006 Linear Appraisal 5-05 FS E 92 (EEEE)

Janine is the epitome of the Toggenburg breed. Stylish and tons of class, she walks with head up and topline board level, with an air about her that makes you proud to show her off. Her mammary system is one of her biggest assets. It is near ideal in rear udder height, width, length and snugness of fore. In dairy character she is very flat boned, fine skinned, long lean neck, sharp withers and is very angular. She has excellent body capacity and is the near ideal wedge shape, with increasing depth to her body. She has plenty of width in the front and rear as well. She tracks straight as an arrow and has near ideal foot type. Her head and breed character are near ideal and she passes on her qualities from herself and her beautiful dam, Janice, who was our 1999 Reserve National Champion! Janine has an impressive show record herself, being 1st in her class at Nationals in 2002, and always placing near the top of her class at every Nationals she has attended! Naturally, we are proud of this doe and have not sold any daughters except to the Spotlight Sale in 2005.

She was shown in 2002 at the National Show placing 1st place out of 33 with 3rd udder in the milking yearling class.

In 2003, Janine has been 4 X 1st, 1 X 2nd, 2 X RGCH and 1st place in the AI Futurity for Toggenburgs.

Janine placed 5th place at the 2005 National show.

Janine placed 2 X GCH in 2006 finishing her championship.

Janine's daughter Waiilatpu WRS Jelena was sold for $1,750 at the 2005 Spotlight Sale. This is the only daughter to be offered out of Janine.

Janine's daughter Jaida has turned out to be one of the nicest Toggenburg does that we have ever bred. We hope to repeat the breeding that produced Jaida.

Janine is bred to Little Creek CHWT Truman. She is due in February.

Cottage Creek Sting Frito *M
T1244307 Medium brown with correct white markings 4-16-2002
Cottage Creek Sting Frito  *M Click for larger image (pop-up)

S: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
LA 2-06 90 EEE
SS: *B Sunshine Zish Zling
SD: GCH Willow Run Titan Starlet 2*M
2004 Nationals 1st/1st udder 7 year old

D: CH Whisper n Pines WNPF Frenzy
DS: +*B Whisper n Pines NS Fratenize
DD: GCH Whisper n Pines WNPJ Footloose 4*M
LA 9-0 FS 91 EEEE
1-10 212 1840 55 2.9% 51 2.7%

2003 Linear Appraisal 1-03 FS + 84 (+V+V)
2004 Linear Appraisal 2-03 FS VG 88 (+EEV)
2006 Linear Appraisal 4-04 FS E 90 (VEEE)

Our lovely Frito is a productive doe with a snuggly attached mammary system. Her udder is high and wide in the rear with extreme extension and width to the fore udder. She is a smooth bodied doe standing on excellent feet and legs.

Frito was part of the first place dam and daughter at the 2003 Nationals. Frito's dam, Frenzy was 4th place 4 year old at the 2003 Nationals.

Frito placed 6th place 3 year old at the 2005 Nationals.

In 2006, Frito was shown twice going 1 X RGCH. Frito was milking through from 2005 even though she kidded in 2006. We just could not get her to dry up. She looked stale in the show ring in 2006 because of her milking through.

Frito's biggest contribution to our herd is her ability to produce superior offspring. I just love Frito's daughters out of Joshua this year. One stayed here and one is in a new home in South Carolina. These doelings are tightly bred on Sting but they are outstanding. I am repeating this cross.

Frito's daughter Faith finished her championship this year. Faith's last show she was named BUIS.

Frito is bred to Waiilatpu WRS Joshua. She is due in February.

CH Whisper n Pines Yurok Fuze
T1267275 Light brown with correct white markings 3-5-2003

CH Whisper n Pines Yurok Fuze
Click for larger image (pop-up)

S: +*B Nimrodel Yakki's DDW Yurok
SS: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
SD: GCH Nimrodel Tequila's JP Yakki

D: GCH Whisper n Pines NS Freeza 5*M
1st place 2 year old 2003 Nationals
DS: ++*B Nimrodel Sausalito
2003 Premier Sire
DD: GCH Whisper n Pines WNPJ Footloose 4*M

2006 Linear Appraisal 3-05 FS E 91 (EEEE) Fifth Generation Excellent

Fuze is one of our largest Toggenburgs. She is tall, has a long bone pattern, dairy and refined. She has a strongly attached and capacious mammary system. Her teat size and ease of milking are highly desirable. She has a wide, level top line and a long rump. She is wide, yet sharp and angular. We were excited when she LA Ex 91 EEEE in 2006. Fuze is a 5th generation 91 EEEE doe. She is looking more and more like her beautiful dam, Freeza, who was 1st place 2 year old at the 2003 Nationals.

Fuze is the dam to our Spotlight Sale buck, Waiilatpu WJ Fabian. This is a cross with our consistent "J" line. Our "J" line goes back to Whisper n Pines FM Jenasee. Jenasee is a Janelle daughter. If you would like to see Fabian and his relatives go to http://adga.org/spotlight_sale/fabian.html.

She was 3rd place Intermediate kid at the 2003 Nationals and 9th place 2 year old at the 2005 Nationals.

In 2007 at the ISDGA show Fuze was GCH/BOB, BDIS and BUIS with 154 Senior does in one ring. She was Reserve Grand in the other ring. On Sunday after trying to jump out of her pen and hanging a foot she was Reserve Grand in both rings behind her herdmate Shanelle.

Fuze was GCH/BOB in both rings at the Wild Rose Dairy Goat show. She was also BUOB in one ring. She has been 3 times GCH/BOB, 1 time BDIS and BUIS, and 3 times Reserve Grand.

Although, there was no preshow milk out at Nationals this year, we got up at 1 AM to milk the does out again. Fuze could have used a little more time to udder up, but we are extremely pleased that she placed 8th in a tough 4 year old class.

Fuze had a wonderful show season in 2008. She was 7 X 1st, 4 X GCH, 3 X RGCH, 2 X BOB. She completed her championship this year. Fuze continues to deepen in body and become more beautiful every year.

Fuze is bred to Waiilatpu WRS Joshua. She is due in February.

CH Waiilatpu SKRW Shanelle
AT1219297 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-31-03

CH Waiilatpu SKRW Shanelle
Click for larger image (pop-up)

S: GCH ++*B Sun-Kissed Razz DDW Whinchezter
2001 and 2004 Premier Sire
SS: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
SD: GCH Sun-Kissed Madam Razz 3*M
92 and 93 National Champion

D: Waiilatpu JD Suki 2*M
DS: *B Waiilatpu CFN James Dean
DD: GCH Waiilatpu MDKP Sprite *M
1st/1st udder 1999 Nationals

2006 Linear Appraisal 3-05 FS E 91 (EEEE)

Shanelle is one outstanding milk producing and show Toggenburg. She placed 3rd with 3rd udder at the 2005 nationals in the 2 year old class. She was a 1st freshener to boot! She is the extreme in dairy character and mammary system. We so much admire her balance in mammary system, the snugness and length in the fore and the height and width in the rear. Her general appearance in topline, width and length of rump, her near ideal head and correct feet and legs make her a stand out in the breed.

She freshened late in 2006 so she was not shown.

In 2007, Shanelle finished her championship in style by going GCH/BOB in 3 out of 4 rings at the ISDGA show. She was also named BDIS with 154 Senior does.

Shanelle placed 7th in a tough 4 year old class at this year's Nationals.

We have kept Shanelle's son Serengeti as a herd sire. We have a 2008 lovely daughter. Serengeti is extremely tall for a yearling with one of the nicest front ends you will ever see on a Toggenburg. He is extremely level with excellent width and depth. He has excellent bone as well. We will be using him again on a few does this year.

Shanelle is bred to Waiilatpu Mr. Truman. She is due in February.

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