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Toggenburg Reference
GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice *M
T1041348 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-13-1996
GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice *M
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GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice *M
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S: +B Pasha PSJ Sir Charles
SS: ++*B Pasha PCB Sir John
SD: Pasha Regal Sand Cricket

D: Whisper N Pines FM Jenasee
DS: +*B Whisper N Pines SBJE Fancy Man
DD: GCH Whisper N Pines FM Janelle 1*M

1-00 254 1183 2.5% 29 3.1% 37
2-00 262 1540 44 2.9% 48 3.1% this lactation is a result of kidding 3 weeks early
3-00 296 2050 67 3.3% 64 3.1%
3-11 283 2410 72 3.0% 68 2.8%
5-00 254 1990 59 3.0% 53 2.7%
5-11 240 1500 43 2.9% 37 2.5%
6-11 214 1540 52 3.4% 39 2.5%
7-10 230 1940 66 3.4% 51 2.6%
LT 2033 14150 432 397

1998 LA 2-03 FS VG 87 (VVVE)
1999 LA 3-04 FS E 90 (VEVE)
2000 LA 4-04 FS E 91 (EEEE)
2003 LA 7-05 FS E 91 (EEEE)
2006 LA 10-05 FS E 93 (EEEE)

She has aged gracefully and is a nice looking 10 year old who is a visual image of her granddam Janelle. Her udder is plastered on and she also has the smoothness and style of the other Charlie daughters we have seen.

She placed 1st place with 1st udder at the 98 Nationals.

Janice surprised us by being named the 1999 Reserve National Champion and Reserve Best Udder of breed! Praise the Lord! We couldn't be happier!

In 2000, Janice completed her championship. She was District VII Toggenburg Specialty GCH, BOB, BUOB. She was 6 X 1st, 5 X 2nd, 5 X GCH, 1 X RGCH, 2 X BOB, 3 X BUOB, 1 X BDIS and 1 X BUIS.

In 2001, she was BOB at the Spokane Interstate Fair.

Janice placed 10th at the 2002 National show. Her daughter, Janine was 1st place milking yearling. Janine and Janice made up the 4th place Dam and Daughter at this years Nationals.

Janice has been a tremendous influence in our herd and is missed every day. We lost her to a freak accident 2 weeks after she appraised 93.

GCH Waiilatpu MDKP Sprite *M
T1082083 Medium Brown with correct white markings DOB: 3-9-1997
GCH Waiilatpu MDKP Sprite *M
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S: GCH ++*B Mount Douglas Key Principle
SS: ++*B Diamond Sunshine Keystone
SD: CH Mount Douglas SCJ's Pride

D: TV Koke A Kola
DS: +B Pasha PSJ Sir Charles
DD: GCH Adonai's Amanda 11*M

1-02 226 1280 44 3.4% 39 3.0%
2-00 305 2730 99 3.6% 85 4.4%
3-00 295 2020 72 3.6% 58 2.9%
4-00 305 2710 92 3.4% 74 2.7%
5-00 277 2370 77 3.2% 61 2.6%
5-11 237 2270 76 3.35% 60 2.64%
LT 1696 13600 469 385

1998 LA 1-03 FS + 82 (+VAV)
1999 LA 2-04 FS VG 88 (VV+E)
2003 LA 6-05 FS E 91 (EEEE)

She is typical of the Key Principle daughters we have seen being smooth and correct with a pretty udder.

Sprite placed 6th at the 1998 Nationals.

Sprite was 1 X RGCH in 1999 at Deer Park, Wa. She was taken to the 1999 Nationals and was the 1st place two year old with 1st udder.

In 2000, she freshened with mastitis in one half and so we did not show her until late fall. Her milk production was also affected by this. In 2000, she has been 3 X 1st, 1 X 2nd, 1 X GCH, 1 X RGCH, 1 X BOB and 1 X BUOB.

In 2001, Sprite was 3 X 1st, 2 X BOB, 1 X BUOB and 1 X BUIS. She finished her championship this year. She was entered in the Northwest AI Futurity where she was named Best Toggenburg milker in the Futurity.

In 2002, Sprite place 5th at the Nationals in the 5-6 year old milker class.

Waiilatpu WC Jaclyn (Leg 1)
AT1305463 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-29-2003

Waiilatpu WC Jaclyn  Leg 1
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S: *B SG Western Acres WAZD Cisco
SS: +*B Western Acres Zephyr CFD Duke
SD: SGCH C/F Zephyr Spicy Cinnamon 4*M

D: CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine
DS: SGCH ++*B Sun-Kissed RazzDDW Whinchezter
2001 and 2004 Premier Sire
DD: GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice *M
1999 Res. National Ch./Res. Best Udder

1-00 169 1120 44 3.9% 29 2.5%

2004 LA 1-04 FS VG 87 (VVVV)
2006 LA 3-05 FS E 91 (EEEE)

This is a granddaughter of our 1999 National RGCH doe, Janice. Jaclyn is another lovely doe from this very consistent line of Toggenburgs. She was shown for the first time in 2006 as a 3 year old and went GCH and looked stunning to put it mildly. She linear appraised later in the summer going EX 91 EEEE. This is the 3rd generation to linear appraise EX. The Toggenburgs in our area are very high quality and to place against some of these is indeed no small feat! Jaclyn is a high milk producing doe and displays an incredible amount of dairy character which we admire. She is sharp, smooth and level, with excellent feet and legs.

Jaclyn received a severe udder injury which caused her to loss half of her udder. We made the difficult decision to sell her. We were however blessed with 2 doelings from her and Finnegan this Spring.

Waiilatpu WPJ Fresca
T1367684 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-27-2005
Waiilatpu WPJ Fresca
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S: +B Whisper n Pines MRST Jeopardy
SS: +*B Moss Ridge Savant Timothy
SD: GCH Whisper n Pines FM Janelle 3*M

D: Cottage Creek Sting Frito
DS: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
DD: CH Whisper n Pines WNPF Frenzy

2007 Linear Appraisal 2-05 FS VG 89 (EEEV)

Fresca is an AI out of the Whisper n Pines "J" line I like so well. We love her mother Frito who placed 6th place 4 year old at the 2005 Nationals. Fresca is a moderate sized long bodied doe. She freshened with a nice high wide rear udder and long extension to the fore udder. Her udder is attached everywhere. She milks extremely well and you wouldn't know it to look at her that she is only a first freshener. She was shown in 4 rings going 2 X 1st and 2 X 2nd behind her barnmate Treasure.

Waiilatpu WRS Layla
T1398518 Medium brown with correct white markings 3-17-2005
S: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
SS: *B Sunshine Zish Zling
SD: GCH Willow Run Titan Starlet 2*M

D: Whisper n Pines WNPF Lavender 3*M
DS: +*B Whisper n Pines NS Fratenize
DD: Whisper n Pines Whintin Lilac 2*M

Layla is a tall, long and wide coming two year old. She has a beautiful body being smooth, wide and deep. Her mammary system is lovely. The udder is snug and tightly attached everywhere. Her fore udder is well extended and smooth. Her rear udder is high and wide.

Waiilatpu RMM Madelyn
AT Pending Medium Brown with correct white markings 3-03-2006
SGCH Welbian Farms Whin's Madison  *M
SGCH Welbian Farms Whin's Madison *M
Sire: *B Rowe's Snowbuck Macho Man
SS: +B Little Creek LCWT Snowbuck
SD: GCH Rowe's Landmark Marigold 8*M

D:Welbian Farms SM Maddie
DS: Little Creek Wins Seagram
DD: SGCH Welbian Farms Whin's Madison *M
2004 National Champion/Best Udder LA 93 EEEE
2007 Reserve National Champion

Madelyn is a granddaughter to the 2004 National Champion and 2007 Reserve National Champion. Her mother Maddie placed 4th in the 4 year old class at the 2007 Nationals.

Madelyn is a tall, long bodied doeling. She reminds me a lot of Maddie as a younger doe. We are anxious to see her freshen.

T V WRS Trinket (Leg 1)
T1327058 Medium Brown with correct white markings 3-23-2004
T V WRS Trinket
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S: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
SS: *B Sunshine Zish Zling
SD: GCH Willow Run Titan Starlet 2*M
1st/1st udder 7 year old 2004 Nationals

D: TV PSC Tootsie Roll 3*M
DS: +B Pasha PSJ Sir Charles
DD: T V Peppermint Patty 2*M

We are so happy to have Trinket back home. Thanks so much Cheryl Nestor for allowing us to have her back. She is the dam of Treasure (6th place 2 year old), So True and Tennyson. We just love these daughters and son of Trinkets. We will be repeating the breeding for full brother/sisters of Treasure, So True and Tennyson.

Trinket is a medium sized doe that is sharp over the withers. She has a beautiful mammary system and placed 6th at the Nationals as a yearling milker. She has one GCH win this year.

Waiilatpu CCF True Love (Leg 1)
T1398506 Medium Brown with correct white markings 3-30-2006
Waiilatpu CCF True Love  (Leg 1) Click for larger image (pop-up)

Sire: Cottage Creek Whintin Forbes
SS: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
SD: CH Whisper n Pines WNPF Frenzy

D: TV WRS Trinket
DS: *B Willow Run ZZ Sting
DD: T V PSC Tootsie Roll 3*M

Linear Appraisal YS 1-04 V (V V EC)

True Love was shown placing 1 X 1st, 1 X 2nd, 1 X Junior Champion. We took her to the Nationals where she placed 5th in a tough Senior Yearling class.

True Love is a full sister to Treasure, So True and Tennyson. She has the same smooth body, sharp front end and excellent width throughout. We are anxious to add another Trinket daughter to our show string.

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