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Terms of Sale
Thank you for your interest in Waiilatpu Alpines. We have a herd we can be truly proud of thanks to the Lord's goodness! At the 1995 National Show in Salem, Oregon we were named Premier Alpine Breeder and Premier Alpine Exhibitor. We placed 3rd Dairy Herd, 3rd Best Three Females, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th Senior Get of Sire, 3rd and 4th Produce of Dam. We made the cut with all our yearling milkers, and had 1st and 2nd place two year olds.

In 1998, we were able to attend 11 open shows. We finished 3 does and were 11 X GCH, 10 X BOB, 10 X RCH, 10 X BUOB. We were able to attend the National Show in St. Paul, Minnesota where we exhibited our Alpines and Toggenburgs. We felt we did quite well as we made the cut with 19 out of 21 milkers. The two that were cut were first freshening two year olds. We had a 4th place yearling, 10th place 2 year old, 4th place 3 year old, 4th place, 2nd udder 4 year old, 6th place, 2nd udder 5 year old, 2nd and 4th place Sr. Get of Sire and 1st and 3rd place Produce of Dam.

In 1999, we attended the National Show in Sacramento, California. This show was a real thrill for us. We placed 3rd, 18th and 19th Senior yearling, 9th yearling with 3rd udder, 13th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th milking yearling, 17th, and 19th 2 year old, 1st with 1st udder, 17th, 18th, 21st 3 year old, 1st with 1st udder 2nd with 3rd udder and 10th 4 year old, 4th, 9th, and 10th 5 year old, 4th and 15th 6 and over. 2nd place Senior Get of Sire, 1st place Produce of Dam, 7th place Dam and Daughter, 3rd place Dairy Herd and Best Three Females. Amethyst, our 1st place three year old received Best Udder of the Alpine Breed. We feel that the strength of our Alpines are the good feet and legs, levelness in topline, excellent udders and dairy character. We are constantly looking to improve our herd and yet maintain the strengths they have already achieved.

We have had eight Alpine Spotlight Sale animals. A doe in 1993, GCH Waiilatpu James Morning Dove 9*M owned by Shylo Sutterland. In 1997, Waiilatpu Goliath's Caitlin, owned by LuAnn Tuttle. Caitlin has a Champion leg and she LA FS88 VEVE. Caitlin tied with Blk Beauty for 9th place in production in 2000. In 1998, our Alpine buck *B Waiilatpu HG Tanager sold at the sale for $1,700.00, his older sister is GCH Meadowsong. He is owned by Don & Teresa Wade of Bio-Genics. In 2001, we had a doeling and buckling accepted for the sale. The doeling is out of our buck Waiilatpu SRC Cheery-O and Waiilatpu Tanner's Tiara 7*M and the buckling is out of our buck +*B Waiilatpu HLS Tanner and Waiilatpu Cowboy's Amethyst 2*M (1999 National Show Best Udder Alpine). In 2002, we had the pleasure of having Waiilatpu WC Cassidy as high selling Alpine doeling, at $2,750.00 Sold to good friends Bruce and Klisse Foster of Indiana. Cassidy has earned her GCH. In 2003, we had the pleasure of having Waiilatpu NS Bridgette in the Spotlight Sale in Nashville, Tennessee. Bridgette is a Blk Beauty daughter out of Shamir. We have had five Colorama does in 1988, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2005. In 2007, our buck Waiilatpu WRR Samson was accepted to the sale. His dam was unbelievable beautiful this year. She was shown in 2 rings going Grand Champion/BOB in both rings, BDIS and BUIS in one ring. Sadly, we lost her a 1 1/2 weeks before Nationals.


Thank you for your interest in Waiilatpu Toggenburgs. In 1997, we had a limited show season due to our working schedules with our Toggenburgs. We only went to one two-ring show where Latte went GCH and BOB in both rings.

In 1998, we took our Toggenburgs to the Nationals where we placed 6th place yearling milker, 1st place, 1st udder 2 year old, 19th place 3 year old, and 6th place 4 year old.

We took our Togg's to the 1999 Nationals and we praise the Lord for how well they did! Our Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice was the 1999 Reserve National Champion and Reserve Best Udder of Breed. Our Waiilatpu MDKP Sprite was the 1st place 2 year old with 1st udder and our GCH Adonai Vanilla Latte was 4th place 5 year old with 1st udder! We are still on cloud nine!

In 2001, we were able to attend a few open shows and couple of fairs.

In 2002, we attended the National show in Pueblo, Colorado. Our Toggenburgs placed 16th place Intermediate kid, 1st, 6th, 10th yearling milker, 5th and 10th place 5 and 6 year old milker and 4th place Dam and Daughter.

In 2003, we had a buck out of GCH Sun-Kissed RazzDDW Whinchezter and GCH Waiilatpu MDKP Sprite *M accepted to the Spotlight Sale in Nashville, Tennessee. This was our first Toggenburg Spotlight Sale animal. This buck finished his championship in 2004 as a yearling for his new owners.

In 2005, the only show we attended was the National Show in Spokane, Washington. Our animals placed 10th Intermediate kid, 6th and 7th place yearling milker, 3rd/3rd udder and 9th place 2 year old, 6th place 3 year old, 5th and 7th place 4 year old.

In 2006, we were only able to attend 2 shows due to our work schedule. We were awarded 3 X GCH and 1 X RGCH in those 2 shows. We finished Janine and got a leg on Jaclyn. We appraised our 11 milkers with scores of 93, 92, 91, 90, 88 and 87.

In 2007, we attended 3 shows and the Nationals this year. Jayne was Reserve Grand and Best Udder at the District VII Toggenburg Specialty. We were the only ones that didn't shave our goats due to our weather conditions. Our placings reflected that fact. The next show was a 4 ring show where we were Grand Champion/BOB in all 4 rings finishing Shanelle. We were also BDIS in 2 rings and BUIS in one ring. Our last show before Nationals we were Grand Champion/BOB in both rings, BUOB in one ring with our milkers. We were Grand Champion in both rings with our dry yearlings and we were Grand Champion in both rings with our buck Macho Man. At the Nationals in Gillette, Wyoming we were 4th and 5th Senior dry yearlings, 6th place 2 year old, 17th place 3 year old and 7th and 8th place 4 year old. We also have a Spotlight Sale buck, Waiilatpu WJ Fabian. He is a beautiful large buckling who is very correct. He is very smooth in general appearance and dairy. We feel that he will make a significant impact on the Toggenburg breed.

Our does will start kidding in February and will end in May. We feel our prices are very reasonable considering the quality in our herd. We want to make our animals affordable and available to you.

We have carefully selected our animals for their structural correctness and for does who will milk and show throughout a long, healthy life. We plan our breeding program by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of our does and their families. We then match them with the bucks that will correct the faults and accentuate the strengths. The strengths we admire about our Toggenburgs are their correct front ends, pleasing shaped mammaries both fore and rear, well-attached udders and excellent feet and legs. The goal of our herd is to make every breeding the best breeding that is possible for improving the Toggenburg breed in general.

General Information...

We did Linear Appraisal this year. We have been very happy with our appraisal scores and it is quite a learning experience. Our does did not score below 87. We are quite happy about that and feel that we are on the right track.

We were on DHIR from 1980-1983 and in 1991 and 1992 we did one day milk tests. In 1993 we went on Standard DHIR testing. We have discontinued test due to our work schedules. We hope to go back on test shortly.

We attend shows in Washington and Oregon. We also attend the Nationals as our schedule permits us.

We have a high priority on careful and consistent herd management and feel they get the highest quality Eastern Washington alfalfa hay. We do not feed large amounts of grain, but give them what they need according to production and condition. They also receive free choice minerals, rumen buffer, Bo-Se and regular vaccinations such as CDT and Intranasal for pneumonia.

Our does have been raised on a CAE prevention program since 1983 and enjoy a high degree of health. A kid purchased from us still on milk should be given only pasteurized milk.

Although, most of our kids will be offered for sale, we do reserve the right to retain in our herd any pre-ordered kid born, if we so choose. Prices quoted in this herd brochure are for pre-ordered kids only. A $50.00 deposit is required for each kid ordered. The balance is due within 14 days of the notification of birth. If the balance is not paid within the 14 day notification, then the next person on the reservation list will have first option. Kid reservations will be honored in order of receipt of deposit. When possible please make a first and second choice, so that if the first kid is not born or offered for sale, you will have another suitable choice. Deposits will be refunded if the kid of your choice is not available or if for some reason does not meet our standards. The deposit is not refundable for any other reason than the reason stated above.

Prices quoted are for kids up to 4 weeks of age. Arrangements can be made to keep your kid longer if necessary at a cost of $3.00 per day. Price includes delivery to the Pasco, Washington airport. Price does not include health papers, shipping crate or shipping charges. We fly Delta Dash and Delta Air Freight. All accounts must be paid in full before the animals leave the farm. If at all possible please try to pick up your kid at the farm, so you can see your choice as well as their relatives and family.

On all buck kids sold, we reserve the right to secure 30 straws of semen for the cost of collecting them. Buck's are guaranteed to be fertile. We will follow ADGA's guidelines and replace any that might prove otherwise. Our does are guaranteed to be fertile as well. We will make every effort to match a doe or buck to your specific needs. We want our buyers to be pleased with their purchase! If you are interested in a yearling milker, please let us know.

We accept Visa and Mastercard through the internet with Paypal.

We stand behind the integrity of animals bred at Waiilatpu. If you are dissatisfied, please call us. You may return the healthy kid to our farm and at that time we will reach an agreement on a replacement. No offspring can be registered from returned animals and refunds are not given for these animals. This offer is good for the first year you own the animal purchased directly from us. We occasionally sell adult animals as well. If you purchase an adult animal from Waiilatpu once that animal leaves the farm all sales are final. The only arrangement for replacement on an adult animal is if they are infertile that year and examined by a licensed veterinarian that states this. We only sell animals that have reproduced normally for us!

If you have any questions, please call or write. Call mornings or evenings weekdays, and Sunday all day. An answering machine will take your messages if we are not available. You may E-Mail us at waiilatpu@charter.net.

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